Smile, Cheating Celebrities…Hotel Spycams are Watching You!

Maybe you heard the rumors. One celebrity banging another…nothing special, really. Sure, one of ’em was a married woman and the other one was a notorious cocksman, but what else is new in Los Angeles.

The stories began in blind-item format on the niche gossip blogs, then migrated to the national blogs. Gossip hounds like me took our turns guessing at the identities of the people involved, but nobody knew for sure who the principals were.

Then one of the name-brand tabloids took it to the next level. They splashed the rumor across their cover, naming and shaming the people involved. Angry denials were issued by the married celebrity, but the tabloid stood by its story.

What happened next was never printed anywhere, until now — and it’s the most shocking part of the whole tale.

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