“Civilization” by Marco Brambilla [Facemelters]

This past summer I happened to be in The Standard Hotel in NYC. There’s a lot to peep in that unique building — crazy interior design in the lobby, the well-appointed (if tiny) rooms overlooking the High Line, the shabby-chic hallways, the attractive staff, and the notorious Boom Boom Room. But my favorite part was the elevators, which featured an insanely cool Hieronymous Bosch-like video installation called Civilization.

This work, created by artist Marco Brambilla in collaboration with Toronto production company CRUSH, composites hundreds of images from movie footage, stock footages, and original film clips to create a journey from hell to heaven. You move up and down in this video mural as the elevator rises and descends. It’s frickin’ awesome, trust.

A few screengrabs for the peeps:

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