Indy vs. NOLA: Museum Directors Sack Up

As Super Bowl mania heats up — a two week hype-fest unlike any other — the eyes of the nation eagerly turn to the traditional Mayor’s Bet, in which each city’s executive wagers the finest edible goodness his burg has to offer.

The only problem: Indianapolis is in the Super Bowl this year. Unfortunately, the sleepy Midwestern corn-tropolis has very little to offer New Orleans, one of the best places to chow down in the world.

Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard made his wager: “shrimp cocktail with plenty of horseradish.” Whoop de doo, like they don’t have shrimp in New Orleans?! Is that the best you can do, Indianapolis? Lame.

Probably because he was so underwhelmed by Ballard’s bet, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin (remember him?) put up a similarly boring offer of “CDs by local musicians and Mardi Gras cakes.” Seriously?

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