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Fortnight on the Internets is preparing for our epic 2012 finale, in which we will count down the Top 20 Internet items of 2012! In this quest, we seek the assistance of our wise Likers! That’s right, YOU are being invited to cast your vote to determine the ultimate in web magic for what will undoubtedly be considered the authoritative countdown that all others will pale in comparison to. Many of you weighed in when we called for nominations, and still more lent your wisdom to us throughout 2012 in programming the podcast from which we culled so many of these gems. We thank you humbly for your support! Now it’s time to vote. All nominees are outlined below with links and other goodness to refresh your memory…

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Now, on to the glorious nominees!


“100 Riffs: A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll”

As discussed in episode 9. An exhilarating journey with Alex of the Chicago Music Exchange.

“29/31” by Garfunkel and Oates

As discussed on Episode 7. Alpine’s least favorite comedy musicians still deserve to be given their due for an inspired video about a perilous fulcrum of modern womanhood.

Ashli Gay confronts her haters

I have no idea what’s going on here, but as JSB put it, “Hype mom is the new hype man.”

Bad Lip Reading

As discussed on episode 15. These guys tackled everything from Jim Lehrer to Michael Buble in a rampage through 2012. You can peruse BLR’s many videos here.

“Bottles Beware!” starring Will Keith

As discussed on episode 17. Jersey’s top ninja at work. A compilation brilliantly curated by goosmurf.

Burning Love

mark-playing-dog-jpg_185533 As discussed in episode 9. Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, Ben Stiller and a cast of geniuses take down The Bachelor in this instant classic Yahoo! webseries.

“Collective Soul Cat”

As discussed on episode 13. Apparently this is Girl Talk’s cat?!

“A Conversation with My 12-Year-Old Self”

As discussed in episode 9. A time-release masterpiece.


As discussed on episode 12, and featuring some friends of the podcast as well as some familiar faces. Check out the whole series here.

Daym Drops & “Oh My Dayum”

As discussed on episode 12. The genius fast food reviewer had his viral Five Guys review transformed into another Gregory Brothers smash hit. Check out all his videos here.

Dog Shaming

dogshaming Click here and prepare to laugh hysterically.

“Dumb Ways to Die” by Tangerine Kitty

As discussed on episode 18. An amazing public service announcement for Melbourne Metro. For delightful GIFs, click here.

“Durt Purz” by City on Film feat. Andrea Estella

As discussed on episode 15: a video that changed Alpine’s life for the better and forevermore. Daughter of a carpenter, niece of a nun. More from the admirable City on Film and Andrea Estella.


ehrmagerd The meme that keeps on giving. Find the full story at Know Your Meme.

Epic Rap Battles of History (Season 2)

So hard to pick just one, but Bill Gates’ first verse is FIRE (but of course I think that, this podcast is made on a PC). Check out all the ERB hits here.

FiveThirtyEight (Nate Silver)

538 As discussed on episode 17. The predictions of American politics’ foremost witch, Nate Silver, can be found here.

“Gangnam Style” by Psy

As discussed on episode 12 and everywhere around the muh’fuckin globe. (Though I will note that we went deep on this jam a few weeks before it hit SNL, a month before my downstairs neighbors started cranking it after a night at the club, and at least 8 weeks before my middle aged co-workers started asking me if I’d heard of “gag-num style”?) A K-pop cut by an artist completely unknown in the West that racked up a mind boggling NINE HUNDRED MILLION Youtube views off a crazy, hilarious viral video and went to #1 on the Billboard charts. I don’t want to unfairly bias the balloting any more than I already have, so I will just leave it at that.

“Gungan Style” (Funny or Die)


As discussed in episode 16. It isn’t what you think. An existential masterpiece for the internet meme age from Funny or Die.

“Hot Cheetos and Takis” by Y.n. RichKids

As discussed on episode 12. This afterschool program puts all others to shame.

“I Just Want to Ride Bikes With You” by Jacqueline Richey Krieger

krieger As discussed on episode 14. Deleted from Youtube, but thankfully preserved by Gawker. I still maintain that taking this down was a huge strategic error for this would-be web celebrity.

In My G4 Over Da Sea

As discussed on episode 7. Travesty can sometimes be the ultimate form of tribute. Tastily transgressive and terrific. Download the entire masterpiece here.

“It’s Thanksgiving” by Nicole Westbrook feat. Patrice Wilson

As discussed on episode 17. Fat Usher of “Friday” infamy returns in triumph!!

“Just Kidding!” Neil & John feat. Joshy

justkidding Another great video from three friends of the podcast. My favorite line is “Fat baby???!!!???”

Kate Upton GIFs

kate upton dougie Obviously.

Kim Jong DJ

kim jong dj The late dictator drops the bass on an amazing Photoshop-fueled tumblr.

KONY 2012

As discussed on our very first episode! Yeah, I probably should have linked the original (94 million views and counting) KONY 2012 video but let’s face it, Jason Russell’s naked meltdown on the streets of San Diego was the amazing apex of this carnival of horrors that featured such terrible people as a crew of evangelical Christians trying to change the world, the gay-bashing Ugandan government, and Joe Kony and his army of child soldiers.

Krispy Kreme

The basement-dwelling rapper who we originally dissed before seeing the error of our ways through the intervention of Liker Doan. Although Krispy isn’t really an Alabamian dumbass (he’s actually a valedictorian from Michigan), the track above is one of the greatest rap tracks of 2012. TRUTH.

Les Miserables Wedding Surprise

Are we SURE this isn’t extremely devious viral marketing for the movie? After all we’ve learned this year about the tricksy ways of the Internets, it definitely should not be ruled out.

“Look At This Instagram”

nickel44 An amazing parody by CollegeHumor that actually manages to rehabilitate a Nickelback sludge-anthem. The vocal production is outstanding.

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed

112012_mckaylaobama_400 As discussed on episode 11. A gold-medal winning meme that went all the way to the top of our nation’s org chart and made the world’s best vaulter (silver medal notwithstanding) an all-time Olympic legend in our hearts.

Mo Farah Running Away From Things

mo farah Another outstanding Tumblr inspired by the London Olympiad.

Old Love

old love shields neeson Amazing photos of long-forgotten Hollywood romances (like Brooke Shields and Liam Neeson, above). We talked about this on episode #0, our never-released pilot. Maybe some day it’ll come out in a 25th anniversary box set.

Olympic Diving Funny Faces

funny-diver-faces-lead-image This collection of hilarious photos really requires no explanation. Hee hee!!!

Onion Talks

As discussed on episode 18. The geniuses at The Onion take down TED Talks with vicious wit.

Pitbull exiled to Kodiak, AK

kodiak sign An inspired campaign by David Thorpe, aka @arr, which we discussed on episode 8 while it was still underway. Well, it succeeded, and the internet prankster who forced the Cuban-American rapper to travel to the frozen north was compelled to accompany him on the journey — as captured in this hilarious article.

Sex House

As discussed on episode 18. An absolutely brilliant webseries from The Onion that starts as your basic reality show parody and spirals to darker and weirder worlds. The last two episodes are sheer perfection.

“Shit Girls Say”

Yeah, this dropped in December 2011, but it was certainly a 2012 phenomenon. Another item from our never-released pilot, in which Alpine revealed that he found the star of this video kind of attractive in drag.

Stingray Photobomb

sting ray photobomb Well, this certainly hasn’t gotten old for me. You?

“Reading Rainbow” feat. DMX

As discussed on episode 13. This is so funny, you can just explain it to somebody without even showing it to them and they will start laughing.

Rom Com 2012

romney say anything This brilliant tumblr mixes awkward Romney headshots with romantic comedy movie posters. More well-conceived than the man’s presidential campaign!

“Driving in Russia” (Car Crash Compilation)

A recent find that led our Liker Christine to exclaim, “This is the most unreal thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!!”

Screenshots of Despair

despair As mentioned in episode 2. Let’s face it. Social media is fucking depressing.

Songs of the Presidents

As mentioned in episode 17. This series appears to have stalled out in the mid-20th century, but it was truly inspired while it lasted.

Sweet Brown (“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”)

It’s hard to believe that this is real…but reality is stranger than fiction, especially on local news.

Tard the Grumpy Cat

What a glorious scowl!

Texts from Hillary

back-hillary As discussed on episode 3. A pool photographer’s photo inspired a tumblr that grew so viral, the Secretary herself submitted an entry, whereupon the creators dropped the mic and walked off stage. If only all internet memes could end with such gracious closure.

The Wire! The Musical

the-wire-the-musical As discussed in episode 7, with music composed by friends of the podcast. This Funny or Die joint featured tons of actors from the best show ever, but what made it truly sing was the audacity to stage an ingenious takedown of a sacred cow.

What Should We Call Me


wswcm lohan Discussed on episode 2. One of 2012’s definitive blogs. The GIF-based tumblr to end all GIF-based tumblrs, it inspired a legion of copycats — someone even got a TV deal out ripping this site’s creators off. Masterminds of WSWCM, we salute you.

“Why Doesn’t MTV Show Music Videos Anymore?”

A complete evisceration of anyone who has ever uttered those words.

Your LL Bean Boyfriend

llbean boyfriend A tumblr that fantasizes about what life would be like in the arms of a studly Mainer. Ayuh.

Twitter Feed of the Year

Twitter users, weigh in! What feed touched your soul in 2012?

  • @CoryBooker — Newark’s absurdly plugged-in Mayor
  • @DadBoner — The sage of Grand Blanc, MI
  • @fart — Something Awful columnist and constant inspiration to this podcast
  • @lenadunham — A voice of a generation
  • @NancyGraceHLN — Queen of the hashtag, scourge of Tot Mom
  • @openculture — “A wealth of serious thinking available online” (NYTimes)
  • @robdelaney — Romney tormentor and perhaps Twitter’s top comic
  • @SamuelLJackson — The gold standard in conjugation of “motherfucker”
  • @sweden — An account taken over by a new Swede every week
  • @the_ironsheik — Profane wrestling legend outbursting daily

Instagram Feed of the Year

Mouse over for names, click for feeds.

igram_dd igram_rickross igram_hungry
igram_riri igram_nasa igram_futura

Our Musical Guests

What FOTI musical guest rocked you this year? Listen to ’em all on this Spotify playlist and pick yer favorite! That’s everything. Time to VOTE.



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