Talkin’ Cape Cod Wedding Night Ex-Lover Attack Jail Time Blues

This morning’s Cape Cod Times has a delightful wedding story that I simply must share with you.

It seems that Timothy Keene, 37, and Marissa Putignano, 22, shacked-up lovers residing at 77 Winter Street in Hyannis, MA, decided to make their love match official yesterday. So they headed down to the Barnstable town hall to get themselves married.

The ceremony went off without a hitch — Ms. Putignano changed her last name to Putignano-Keene — and the happy couple celebrated by splitting a bottle of champagne.

But as they made their way back to 77 Winter Street to consummate, still tipsy from the bubbly they’d quaffed, the new Mrs. Putignano-Keene spotted a woman and her son crossing the parking lot that fronts Alberto’s Ristorante.

Unfortunately for this woman, she was an ex-lover of Hyannis’ own Don Juan, Timothy Keene.

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