The Best Music of 2011 [#30-#21]

OK. Now we’re getting into the REALLY good stuff.

Our Spotify playlist has been updated with choice selections from the next ten records in our countdown, and I’ve also embedded video selections to give you a sense of what to expect from each record. Because I love you.


30. Mr. President, Number One

CALLING THE SOUL PATROL! This record is shrouded in mystery, but when GoGoMrPoPo gives an album his blessing, ROTI is obligated to check it out. And what I found was a magnificent tower of funk power.

From what I can gather, Mr. President, also known as Patchworks, is a musician and producer possibly operating in France. He’s put together a record of titanic grooves that might be all freshly recorded, all remixes, or just stuff he found while digging through crates. I honestly don’t know and his label’s website is pretty obscure on the subject!

But who gives a whit when this record packs such a tremendous punch. It’s jammed full of stone stompers that will turn your dial to full-funky. Dank horns and tight rhythm sections, sometimes paired with sweet vocals, make Number One an outstanding selection for your next dance party (or headphone party).

29. Smith Westerns, Dye it Blonde

Okay…whew…breathe with me here, Generation Catalano. After watching the video below, I just sprouted a few gray hairs; these fresh-faced rockers are clearly way younger than the ROTI team. But like our musical wisdom, great rock and roll never ages. Even if the guys from Smith Westerns may not have been ALIVE in Teenage Fanclub’s heyday.

Smith Westerns’ sophomore disc landed the Chicago trio an opening spot on Arctic Monkeys’ ongoing tour. Funnily enough, though, I think this record is even better than Suck It and See!

Nils Coq au Vin put this one forth for consideration, dubbing it one of the year’s very best. It’s hard not agree with him when you hear Dye it Blonde‘s hooky blend. I especially enjoy “Only One,” a great and tuneful track that segues effortlessly from lite guitar riffs to beauteous chorus. I’m smitten with Smith Westerns and look forward to finding out what the future holds for this up-and-coming trio.  Read more of this post

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