Ten Amazing Vanity Press Ads from the New York Review of Books

I’ve said it before: the New York Review of Books is my favorite periodical of all time.

The magazine pays for its superb content — critical reviews of nonfiction, fiction, and media,  along with trenchant essays  — with subscription fees that run up to $70/year…

They also run classified ads that are hilariously over-written. Here’s a personal ad that’s fairly representative of what you’ll find in the back pages: “DC-Based Male, Irresolute, Callipygian, has job, ironic friends, hair. ISO qualified female for exchange of the very same sly mockery, ridiculous stories, and heedless musings that got us here in the first place.” (The accompanying email address, which I will not post, sports a reference to a 19th century French writer. Of course it does.)

While the NYRB has not yet found a way to monetize the academic bitch-fights that take place in its letters section every two weeks, they also fund their operations with full-page ads from the likes of Oxford University Press, Getty Publications, Princeton University Press, and the MoMA, to name a few advertisers in a recent edition.

But other than the articles, my favorite part of the NYRB is the ads that vanity press operations run in its pages. These outfits, such as Xlibris, offer “self publishing and print on-demand” services to authors who can’t get their work accepted by the book publishing industry and simply refuse to abandon the idea of seeing their ideas in print. I’m not sure how these companies decide what books to advertise — whether it’s their best-sellers or, more likely, the authors who are willing to fork out a little extra dough for an ad in a fancy periodical. Whatever the background, these advertisements are almost always a treat.

Here are ten amazing examples from recent issues.

I’m going to start calling people “spiritual seducer” in everyday conversation. The person who offers me pizza when I’m trying to abstain and dangles a slice in such a way that I can’t resist? Spiritual seducer! The person who convinces me to stay at the bar just a little bit longer when I have something to do early the next morning? Spiritual seducer! The person who puts Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the television set when I’m trying to get work done? DEFINITELY a spiritual seducer!

I have a feeling R.T. Barnes has alienated a lot of people throughout his life with his “sense of humor.”

Am I wrong here, or has nobody ever proven that a snuff film has actually been made? I picture Madame Woo like Nic Cage in 8MM, prowling through the shady underworld of the Shanghai sex scene, obsessively searching for a real snuff film just so she can thereupon find and execute the guys who made it.

(That movie was kind of awesome, in retrospect. Especially the part when Machine pulls off his mask and it’s Frank Sobotka from The Wire.)

This guy is going to get sued for plagiarism by Fox News. The reason this guy had to self-publish is NOT that this book has any issues with publishability or marketability; it’s that Glenn Beck basically wrote this exact same book five times over.  Read more of this post

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