FOTI #14: #ElfMuppetLover

Fortnight on the Internets just wants to ride bikes with you!

On this episode, we’re going to discuss a video that Gawker called “the worst thing in the entire universe” — a love song written by a yoga-loving Venice Beach gentrifier to her newly minted husband. We’ll also recap the latest, greatest moments in Internet coverage of the presidential election. Most importantly, we will be joined with one of our three greatest podcast guests of All Time: the standup comedian, comedy writer and leader of a Twitter army 11,000 strong, Sean O’Connor (@seanoconnz). All that, plus our Internet Challenge Surprises and tons of great bonus material provided by our Likers…

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To the links! The tweets we posted earlier today are below — plus bonus links.

Internet Report Card

Better watch this on Gawker soon — the lady that made this already got a Youtube repost yanked. Or actually, maybe don’t watch it, for if you do, you’ll have kittens exploding out of your head FOREVER.

My favorite comment on the now-deleted Youtube thread was “I think the members of LCD Soundsystem traveled into the future, discovered that this exists, and immediately decided to break up.”

If you can’t get enough Jacquelyn Richey Krieger, here’s Yoga Girls of the World.

As our Liker Jim pointed out, this video really does make you feel sympathy for Romney (even if you don’t agree with him politically) by making clear just how brutal it is to run for office in this country if you don’t have “retail politician” skills — which, incidentally, have very little to do with the actual job description. Luckily for Mitt, he’s a lot better at debating.

BOOM! Easily the most viral-ready critique of Obama’s policies these eyes have ever seen, and a magnificent editing effort taboot.

Our Musical Guest

The Depressions are Ben Cameron, Adam Gardner & Tommy Perkinson. They come correct with Nashville style, brilliant melodies and tasty riffs. One Facebook fan called it “bright, large, smart passionate pop.” I like that.

Check ’em out on Facebook and rock this way:

Internet Challenge Surprise!

If it works, it works, I guess! Look for them on a talk show near you as they continue their triumphant post-engagement press tour. What a world.

Here are some of Nancy’s greatest hits from recent days:

You need to be following Nancy Grace yesterday.

Sean O’Connor

We talk about the world of Twitter with Sean O’Connor aka @seanoconnz, a veteran standup, writer and actor (check out this webseries, it’s great — and here he is on Conan). He breaks down some of his misadventures on the site that’s become ground zero in the comedy world. Sean tells us how he got into Twitter, the time he fake-live-blogged a first date, the friend he lost over mean tweets and the most essential Twitter account out there (that of JaVale McGee).

He also points us to the greatest Twitter mystery ever:

Follow Sean on Twitter, obviously, but also check out his Tumblr and keep your eyes peeled for The Ben Show on Comedy Central, coming soon.

Shoutout To The Likers

In addition to running the latest Jeni Sue Gems (bee tee dubs, look for JSB on our next episode), we holla at our Likers for finding great shiz like:

and now: LIKER TREVOR is our Liker of the Fortnight for his efforts in recruiting new Likers! Thanks Liker Trevor, and congratulations on this most prestigious honor!

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in 2 weeks with Episode 15!

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