The Best Music of 2010 [Introduction]

2010 is in the books. Let’s look back on a year of truly great music, shall we?

I enjoyed so many new releases this year that I felt it was only fitting to commemorate 2010 with a series of posts delineating the best of the best.

However, since my arrogance is (just barely) bounded by the realization that my taste is not the be-all end-all, I invited numerous friends of the blog to weigh in on their favorite music of the year as well.

ROTI’s all-star panel of musical judges included yours truly, along with C. Dave, Nils Coq au Vin, Serious Nihilism, Bill Waters, J.J. Behoy, DJ Walls of Sound, Goodbye Sage, Izzie B, Mikey Jones, and CVD. They are all heroes, and I thank them for their patriotism and good taste.

We begin our survey with some interesting topics expounded on by our panel…

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